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First Wedding Dance Choreography

Indian Bollywood Dance Choreography Tutorials & Classes in Mississauga, ON


First Wedding Dance Choreography for Beginners


Master your Couple wedding dance lessons with our beginner-friendly classes specially designed for non – dancers.  

Bollywood wedding reception dance has gained immense popularity around the world because of its

  1. energetic beats,
  2. intricate footwork, and
  3. vibrant costumes

Call us to customise your best wedding party entrance dance near Mississauga.

Are you a dance enthusiast looking to add some Bollywood flavor to your dance practice?

We help you to create a memorable Bridal wedding dance performance that will be remembered by everyone attending the wedding.

Learn on the latest Bollywood wedding first dance songs that one should incorporate in their performance to make it stand out.



Our Primary Services Includes:

  1. Marriage, Sangeet & Reception Choreography in Mississauga

  2. Wedding dance choreography for Bride, Groom & Adults

  3. Bhangra choreography Mississauga

  4. Punjabi wedding dance choreography

  5. Fun cardio dance workout for Beginners


Can You Choreograph a Wedding Dance for Me?


Celebration Dance Company conducts Bollywood Dance classes in Mississauga each Friday.

Your wedding is coming up?

Celebration Dance Academy is here to help!

Our wedding dance lessons are designed for beginners

We help to solve few common mistakes that people make while performing Bollywood-style dance at weddings and how can they be avoided

Our expert Bollywood dance instructors teaches you everything from

  1. choosing the modern wedding dance song, to
  2. nailing the choreography

With a little bit of practice and enthusiasm, you can create a traditional Indian dance performance that will be a highlight of your wedding celebration.


What is The Average Cost of Wedding Choreographer in Mississauga?


Are you considering hiring a wedding choreographer, but not sure how much it will cost?

The cost of a wedding choreographer can vary depending on following factors:

  1. their experience,
  2. the location of the wedding,
  3. duration of services
  4. and the complexity of the dance routine


Our Wedding Choreographer Prices will definetly Fit into your Budget and Style

$50 – $250 for Wedding Choreography

$10 for Bollywood Workout Classes

<Book Now> 10 Min Free Class via Whatsapp


How Bollywood Dancing Help Me Lose Weight?


Looking for a fun way to shed those extra pounds?

An hour of vigorous dancing can help you burn 400 to 600 calories, making it an effective way to support weight loss efforts.

Spice up your workout routine with these high-energy Bollywood dance moves that will get your heart pumping and help you lose weight.

We have some inspirational stories of people who lost weight and transformed their lives through the power of Bollywood dancing.

Join our Bollywood dance group and discover the benefits of working out with others who share your weight loss goals.

Bollywood dance exercise can be an effective way to help lose weight and achieve your fitness goals.

The dynamic and high-energy movements in this dance style engage your

  • core,
  • arms,
  • legs, and
  • hips

Thus helping to tone and sculpt your muscles.

The music and the social atmosphere of dancing can help

  • boost your mood,
  • relieve anxiety & tension

Above factors are often associated with weight gain and difficulty losing weight.


5 Star* Feedback for Choreography

Google Review - I am using Mamta to do choreography for my wedding in November and I can say that it was one of the best decisions I made. No one in my family knows anything about dance, so we needed a lot of help to compete with the brides side. Mamta is very good in assessing the dance capacity of a person and adjust the choreography accordingly. She is also very patient and encouraging when teaching, definitely recommend choosing her!

Google Review - Mamta is really passionate and a great teacher! We took only 1 lesson with her 2 weeks before our wedding and after an hour and a half, we were super confident! Both of us have no dance experience. Definetly recommend!

Google Review - What an amazing idea and highly interactive! We loved her service and energy. She had all the guests up and on the dancefloor. I would highly recommend this as wedding entertainment. Thank you Mamta.

Google Review -Me, my sisters and aunt needed a dance choreographed for my uncles wedding and Mamta absolutely killed it. Just her ways of teaching and making dance moves on the spot was amazing. My aunt was a beginner but Mamta slowly taught her and coordinated her with us. If you’re looking for a dance choreography Mamta is the one for you!!

Facebook Review - Me, my sisters and aunt needed a dance choreographed for my uncles wedding and Mamta absolutely killed it. Just her ways of teaching and making dance moves on the spot was amazing. My aunt was a beginner but Mamta slowly taught her and coordinated her with us. If you’re looking for a dance choreography Mamta is the one for you!!

WhatsApp Review - Mamta led the choreography at my sister’s Sangeet ceremony. She electrified the whole event. Every single person present at the occasion joined the dance numbers and thoroughly enjoyed. It was an unforgettable experience for us and everyone present.



5-Star* Google Reviews from our Clients


Mamta is an amazing choreographer!

Learning from her was a blast.

We had a lot of fun together in our practice sessions.

She is also great with teaching beginners.

Highly recommend!



I’ve tried other dance classes in the past, but this studio in Mississauga is by far the best.

The variety of classes is great n Mamta is so talented and passionate about what she does.

I am excited for the next class.


Neha Chopra

Absolutely amazing. I am a wedding planner and a lot of my couples have hired Mamta to choreograph their first dance or performances.

Mamta is so patient and accommodating.

I had also hired Mamta for my own Bollywood Family event night and she completely rocked the party!!!


Renuka R

I would like to Thank from core of my heart to @Mamta Singh and Mudita for organizing the Me Time dance party on the occasion of Womens Day.

I loved the way event was organized.

The dance moves were amazing and I recommend Mamta for any choreography needs.

She is an amazing choreographer.

I was stunned to see the moves and encouraged everyone to rock the floor.

Loved the entire event ❤️❤️Full of energy.

Thank you so much🙏🏻

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About Trainer

Mamta Singh. Head wedding dance choreographer in Celebration Dance Company Mississauga

Mamta is 

  • an energetic, physically fit and confident Dance teacher
  • learned through her experiences, attending workshops, and taking classes
  • familiar with the various styles and techniques of Bollywood dance

During her career she has taught in various

  1. private dance schools,
  2. colleges, and
  3. adult education center

Bollywood Dance Steps For Fitness!

One of the biggest advantages of Bollywood dance fitness is that

  1. it is a fun and engaging form of exercise
  2. it can help improve your overall physical and mental health

Challenge yourself and take our Bollywood dance fitness challenge.

Compete with others and see how far you can go.

No matter whether you are an experienced dancer or a complete beginner.

Bollywood dance fitness exercise is a great way to add some variety to your workout routine.

So put on your dancing shoes and join a Bollywood dance fitness class today!


What are some Easy Bollywood Dance Lessons for Kids?

Wondering why you should introduce your toddler to Bollywood dance?

When it comes to teaching Bollywood dance to toddlers, it’s important to keep things simple and fun.

Kids have short attention spans, so it’s important to choose music and movements that are easy to follow and keep them engaged.

One effective way to introduce Kids to Bollywood dance is through simple and repetitive movements that they can easily learn and repeat.

This can include:

  1. basic arm movements,
  2. footwork, and
  3. simple choreography 

In addition to traditional Bollywood dance movements, it can also be fun to incorporate elements of storytelling and imaginative play into the dance routine.

This can involve using costumes or props to create characters and tell simple stories through movement and expression.

We also offer Online Bollywood Dance Lessons for anyone who wants to learn and dance on Hindi songs.


Do You Teach Bollywood Dance For Seniors Also?


We have a customised dance routine for Seniors as well.

By making adaptations and modifications that are appropriate for their physical abilities and limitations, seniors can enjoy the energy and excitement of Bollywood dance in a safe and comfortable way.

It may help them to

  1. stay active,
  2. improve their physical health, and
  3. have fun in the process

Bollywood dance is a vibrant and energetic dance style that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, including seniors.

Dancing to the lively music and dynamic choreography of Bollywood songs can be a great way for seniors.

Bollywood dance can also offer social benefits for seniors, helping them connect with others and form new friendships through a shared love of dance.


Is Bollywood Dance Easy to Learn?

Looking for some easy Bollywood dance moves to add to your repertoire?

Our choreographers teaches you how to execute some common moves with precision.

Bollywood dance style can seem intimidating at first, with its fast-paced, intricate movements and energetic choreography.

With the right guidance and practice, it is certainly possible to learn and master the basics of this fun and dynamic dance style.

Another important aspect of learning Bollywood dance is to have fun and let go of any self-consciousness or fear of making mistakes.

This dance style is all about

  • expression and
  • energy

So don’t be afraid to let loose and have fun with it.


What is Bollywood Dance Style?

Bollywood dance style is a fusion of different dance forms, including

  1. classical Indian,
  2. folk, and
  3. western dance

It is heavily influenced by the Hindi film industry, popularly known as Bollywood.

The style is characterized by its upbeat and high-energy movements, accompanied by the catchy and pulsating music of Bollywood films.




For the Bride & Groom we offer packages for private dance lessons.

On an average to learn a choreography to a song we suggest a minimum of 6 lessons.

However this can be customized as per requirement and schedules.


We offer following Packages for your convenience:

Package A – Includes 6 private dance lessons

Package B – Includes 10 private dance lessons


In case your friends and family would also like to learn some Dance Choreography to perform at the Wedding or Sangeet, you can opt for

Package C – Includes about 20-30 days of preparation


Wish to surprise your fiancee!! …..

A private dance instruction lesson with a romantic decor, a candle lit dance with wine.


Courses Available

Batch 1 – Wedding Dance session


When  10:30 am to 11:30 am
DurationOn-going monthly course
Joining DateNo fixed start date
Fees Contact Us


Batch 2 – Fitness Dance Classes


When  6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
DurationOn-going monthly course
Joining DateNo fixed start date
FeesContact Us


Batch 3 – Weight loss program


When  7:30 pm to 8:30 pm
DurationOn-going monthly course
Joining DateNo fixed start date
FeesContact Us


Q: What is the best way to learn Bollywood dance style?

A: The best way to learn Bollywood dance style is to enroll in a dance class with a qualified instructor who specializes in the style.


Q: Can anyone learn Bollywood dance style?

A: Yes, anyone can learn Bollywood dance style regardless of age or gender.


Q: Is Bollywood dance style only popular in India?

A: No, Bollywood dance style has become popular worldwide, especially in countries with a large Indian diaspora.



What are few Tips for Learning Bollywood Dance?

Learning Bollywood dance can be challenging.

But with the right tips and techniques, it can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Here are some tips to help you master the art:

1. Watch Bollywood Movies

Watching Bollywood movies is a great way to get familiar with the dance styles and rhythms.

Observe the movements and expressions of the actors and try to imitate them.

2. Practice regularly

Practice makes perfect.

Set aside some time every day to practice the basic steps and moves.

As you gain confidence, you can move on to more complex routines.

3. Attend Dance Classes

Attending dance classes is a great way to learn Bollywood dance from a professional instructor.

You can get feedback on your technique and learn new moves in a supportive environment.

4. Explore Different Styles

Bollywood dance incorporates various styles such as classical, folk, and contemporary.

Experiment with different styles to find your niche and showcase your unique style.


Dance is expression

Dance is passion

Dance is life

Celebration Dance Company, Mississauga is where you can turn your passion for dance into something productive.

We offer several classes that will educate, entertain and excite you.

So what are you waiting for?

Join us in this journey of dance today!



We Have the Best Wedding Choreographer of Canada

We make sure your first dance goes smoothly.

At Mississauga Dance Academy, we aim to have our wedding couples and their families enjoy every moment of this wedding dance.

Our Wedding Dance Choreographer will guide you through carefully planned personal dance lessons, helping you make your day special.

We will assist you in making your first dance one that all of your guests will remember, and more importantly, a memory the two of you will cherish.

The skills you learn will not only carry you through your wedding but will keep you dancing for years to come.

Students can join the classes to learn Bollywood Dance as a popular dance form, to be able to perform on different Bollywood songs or just as a general fitness routine.

We teach in following formats: Bollywood Freestyle, Bollywood + Hip Hop and Bollywood + Classical.

Perfect for anyone planning a dance routine or looking to improve their choreography skills.

Our Services

We are professional choreographers who specialize in creating unique and captivating dance routines for a wide range of events and performances.

Bollywood Workout Session

Include Bhangra and a little bit of folk & various Indian & western dance forms!


With experienced choreographers on our side, we will put a life in your Sangeet night.

Dance Fitness

50-minute Bollywood inspired dance-fitness program.

<<Call for Daily Lessons @ 7pm>>


Techniques to Master Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dance is all about mastering the technique and expressing yourself through the art.

Here are some techniques to help you take your skills to the next level:

1. Facial Expressions

Bollywood dance is not just about the moves but also the expressions.

Use your face to convey the emotions of the song and tell a story through your dance.

2. Hand Movements

Hand movements or mudras are an essential part of Bollywood dance.

Practice the basic hand movements such as the lotus, peacock, and snake to add grace and elegance to your performance.

3. Timing and Rhythm

Timing and rhythm are crucial to Bollywood dance.

Listen to the beat of the music and synchronize your movements to the rhythm.

It is important to maintain a steady pace and not rush through the routine.


How To Reach Us

Located at Mavis and Derry intersection. Close to highway 401 Mavis exit.

At the border of Mississauga and Brampton. Located at Meadowvale Village.

Close to Intersection of Argentia and Erin Mill.


In conclusion, learning Bollywood dance can be a fun and exciting journey.

With the right guidance and practice, you can master the techniques and express yourself through the art.

Incorporate these tips and techniques into your routine and showcase your Bollywood dance moves with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get started?

The intro lesson is how our students get started on the right foot.

We’ll go over the fundamentals of dance, introduce you to a couple of different styles, and get you comfortable with dancing.


How do your class fees work?

Our dance classes are charged per sessions. Feel free to view our full pricing structure.


Is there an age limit or range?

Dancing is a natural and ageless form of expression.

Although dance has no age restrictions, our studios our catered primarily towards adults looking to learn something new and have fun doing it.


I’m a complete beginner adult dancer, can I still join the classes?

Of course, you can still join.

That’s why we are here — to teach you.

We change the classes and choreography taking into consideration everyone’s abilities.

Classes are a lot of fun and will be challenging to dancers of all abilities.

What should I wear for class?

Dancing is about movement and enjoyment.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to be flexible and relaxed.

You can wear anything you want for your first lesson.

Afterwards, we will recommend something based on the style and direction you choose.

Please avoid stilettos or shoes with sharp heels as those are not comfortable to dance in, and they may damage our floor.


Do I need dance shoes?

Dance shoes are recommended but not required.

However, in order to be able to move comfortably across the floor, we advise that you do not wear rubber-soled shoes.

Sharp heels or shoes with metal bottoms are strongly discouraged because they can damage the floor or cause injury.


I’m a teenager, but I’ve never danced before. Can I join the dance classes?

This is a very popular question.

Yes, you can.

We offer classes for seasoned dancers as well as complete beginners.

You are going to have to work hard but we will take the time to teach you.


Can I try out a class before joining?

You are welcome to come to join in a class before registering.

From there you will quickly realize if the dance classes are a good fit for you.


How long does it take to learn to dance?

Every person is different, but like with any other skill, it depends on frequency of practice.

The more you do it, the faster you’ll learn.

We have advanced strategies to make learning fast, easy, and fun.

Also, it depends if your goal is to become a professional or a social dancer.

If you choose to compete, then you will be entering an exciting yet rigorous period of training.

On the other hand, if you want to improve your social dance skills, then completing a basic dance program may be just what you need.

Either way, practice makes perfect!


What are the differences between group classes, private lessons and parties?

Group classes are perfect to learn fundamental elements, patterns, rhythms, and moves.

We also offer supplemental group fitness and condition classes.

Private lessons are completely customized to your needs, pace, ability, and schedule.

Since we make a personalized program for each student, this is the most thorough learning process and guarantees fastest results.

Our social parties are ideal settings to practice your newfound skills.

We have an amazing community of teachers and students that support each other and grow together.

In addition, we also have special events such as showcases and competitions where you can take your dancing skill to the next level.


What is your cancellation policy?

We make every effort to accommodate the schedules of our students.

We also work hard to retain the best teachers in the industry.

In order to protect the time of our teachers, we have a 24-hour cancellation policy, so please let us know in advance of cancellations to avoid being charged.


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