About Us

Want to learn Bollywood dance in Mississauga?

The Celebration Dance Company provides top-rated Indian wedding dance choreography in Mississauga.

Suitable for both beginners as well as advanced dancers.

Learn simple Indian Bollywood dance moves with our fitness workout program offered by well trained instructors.

We also choreograph Sangeet Dance in Mississauga for the Bride and Her Friends and Family.

We also specialize in modern Pakistani wedding choreography songs.

Our experienced Bhangra teacher in Mississauga can provides personalized instruction based on your skill level.

Once you’ve mastered the basic steps, you can learn on to more advanced Bhangra dance steps like:

    • Bhangra Giddha,
    • Bhangra Jugni, and
    • Bhangra Jhuma


Established in 2016!

Welcome to The Celebration Dance Company: Where Rhythm Meets Passion.

Our dance company was founded in 2016 by Mamta Singh.

She had a vision of creating a space where individuals of all ages and backgrounds could come together to learn, perform, and appreciate dance.

What started as a small dance studio with a handful of students has now grown into a thriving company.

Over the years, our dance company has earned recognition for its unique choreography, innovative productions, and community involvement.

We have performed in various festivals, competitions, and events.

Our experienced and passionate instructors are dedicated to helping students develop their skills, confidence, and artistic voice.


Meet the Business Owner

Mamta Singh. Head wedding dance choreographer in Celebration Dance Company Mississauga

Mamta Singh

Mamta is

  1. an energetic, physically fit and confident Dance teacher
  2. learned through her experiences, attending workshops, and taking classes
  3. familiar with the various styles and techniques of Bollywood dance

During her career she has taught in various:

  1. private dance schools,
  2. colleges, and
  3. adult education centre


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