Buy the Best Water Repellant, Wind Defying & UV Blocking Golf Umbrellas

    Search for the top reviewed, durable and custom logo printed golf umbrella?

    Our Golf umbrellas can 

    1. withstand windy weather conditions, and 
    2. provide full coverage from the Sun

    At Weatherman we understand

    that every man and woman has unique preferences when it comes to their golf accessories

    From classic black and navy blue to bold reds and bright yellows, our collection has something for everyone.

    Innovative Designs Keeping Golfers in Mind

    We take pride in offering some of the most innovative golfing umbrella designs in the industry. 

    Despite their larger dimensions, our golf umbrellas are

    1. lightweight, and
    2. easy to carry

    Thus making it a great option for those who prefer to walk the course. 

    Our Golf umbrella are 100% ergonomic and if you’re a tall person and looking for a long shaft then we got you covered. 

    Order Golf umbrella in bulk for clubs!

    Additionally, our umbrella comes with a lifetime warranty, which makes it a great investment for any golfer.

    Also designed for ladies

    who not only want their umbrella for functionality or compactness but also for style that complements their golfing attire.

    Stay Protected with Sun Blocker and Stormproof Golf Umbrellas

    A golf umbrella not only shields you from rain and wind but also provides sun shade, making it an essential accessory for any golfer.

    We sell a wide range of wind blocking and stormproof golf umbrellas that are perfect for any outdoor activity. 

    These umbrellas are made from the highest quality materialsthat makes it wind-resistant up to 55 miles per hour

    As a result it protects you from heavy rain, keeping you dry and comfortable.


    Why are golf umbrellas so big?

    Golfers carry sticks, bags, and other accessories along with them.

    This makes the kit quite bulky. 

    An extra large umbrella ensures that the golfer and their equipment are adequately covered and shielded from light downpour or bright sun rays.

    What is the purpose of a golf umbrella?

    Golf umbrellas offer shelter from rain showers, keeping the golfer dry and allowing them to continue playing without interruption. 

    Additionally, Golf umbrellas can also be used in other outdoor activities or everyday situations where a larger canopy size provides enhanced protection.

    What makes Weatherman golf umbrellas different from other regular umbrellas?

    <H4> Golf umbrella vs Regular umbrella </H4>


    1. Our 68 Inch Golf umbrellas are significantly bigger than regular umbrellas. 
    2. It covers not only the golfer but also their golf bag and equipment.



    1. Designed to withstand more challenging weather conditions.
    2. The frame is reinforced to tolerate strong winds and prevent the umbrella from flipping inside out.


    Double Canopy: 

    1. The outer layer can withstand strong wind to pass through
    2. Reducing the chances of the umbrella from inverting
    3. Inner layer provides additional defence from rain and sun

    Additionally, our Golfing umbrellas are typically bigger than walking-style umbrellas, which makes them the perfect choice for any outdoor activity where you need ample coverage. 


    Can your golf umbrellas withstand strong winds?

    Use our umbrellas in windy conditions without a risk of turning inside out.

    They are constructed with sturdy materials and reinforced frames to enhance their wind resistance

    Use our vented umbrella that allows air to flow through the umbrella, reducing the risk of being caught by strong gusts of wind.

    It offers enhanced wind resilient feature and stability, making it a popular choice for golfers playing in windy or unpredictable weather conditions

    What materials do you use to make golf umbrellas?

    1. We use durable and weather-resistant materials
    2. It helps to sustain various weather conditions, including rain and wind.
    3. Industrial-strength fibreglass that prevents breaking and inverting. 
    4. (educating the user) Actually Fibreglass frames are flexible, making them more resistant to breaking or bending during strong winds.

    Our golf umbrellas are available for Sale. You can browse through their websites, compare prices, read customer reviews, and choose the one that suits your preferences.


    Can I use your golf umbrella in the rain?

    Yes, our golf umbrellas are designed to be highly water-resistant and have anti-slip grip.

    The Water-repellent fabric used in our golf umbrellas has a coating that offers inherent water-resistant properties. 

    Thus the coating prevented water from penetrating the fabric, keeping the golfer and their equipment dry during heavy or mild rain showers on the golf course.

    Are golf umbrellas UV resistant?

    With Auto open and manual close features, our lightweight sunlight blocking umbrella with UPF 50+ feature.

    It helps to shield the golfer and their equipment from the sun’s harmful rays.

    Sun-safe golf umbrella reduces the risk of sunburn and potential long-term damage caused by prolonged heat exposure.


    What are the features to consider when buying a golf umbrella?


    When buying a branded golf umbrella, consider the following features:

    Canopy Size: 

    What size golf umbrella should I buy?

    Information – Choose a canopy size that provides adequate coverage for you, your golf bag, and equipment. 

    How we can help – Our extra large 68 inch canopy offers more protection.



    Information – Look for a golf umbrella made with durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

    How we can help – Our umbrellas are made with fibreglass that is commonly used for their strength and longevity.


    Wind Resistance: 

    Information –  Opt for a golf umbrella with features designed to withstand wind. 

    How we can help – Wind-tunnel tested to 55 mph


    UV Proof: 

    Information –  Consider buying a UV-safe and sunscreen golf umbrella that has a UV-reflective  canopy fabric to provide sun protection.

    How we can help – We have an UPF 50+ rated Sun guard golf umbrella with a UV-resistant coating.


    Are golf umbrellas suitable for use in all weather conditions?

    Weatherman golf umbrellas are well-suited for all weather conditions encountered on the golf course. 

    Our golf umbrellas have been tested to withstand very strong winds, such as those experienced during severe storms or hurricanes.


    Can I use your golf umbrella for protection against hail?


    Our strong fibreglass and reinforced Silicone Rib inside the canopy are strong enough to effectively shield you from hailstones thereby potentially causing damage.


    Do golf umbrellas come with a carrying case?

    Yes, we do provide sleeves for storage. 

    It is a convenient way to keep the umbrella compact and protected when not in use. 

    Umbrella sleeves help prevent the umbrella from opening unintentionally and keeps it from getting tangled with other items in your golf bag or vehicle. 


    Are your umbrellas designed specifically for push carts?


    If you are looking for a golf umbrella specifically designed to use with a Clicgear push cart then we got you covered.


    Our push cart friendly umbrella has following features:


    Adjustable Mounts: 


    Has adjustable mounts or brackets that allow for easy attachment to the frame or handle of a golf cart.


    Clamp or Holder: 


    1. Has clamps or holders that can securely attach to the cart’s frame or handle.
    2. Provides stability and prevents the umbrella from shifting or falling off during movement.


    Extended Coverage


    Golf cart umbrellas are often larger in size to provide ample coverage for both the cart operator and any passengers.


    Wind Resistance:


    Vented canopies and reinforced frames can withstand strong wind gusts commonly encountered on the golf course. 


    Can I take a Weatherman golf umbrella on an aeroplane?


    Yes, you can usually bring a small and compact golf umbrella (as it folds easily) on a flight as both carry-on and checked baggage. 


    However, it’s advisable to review the airline’s guidelines.


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