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    First Wedding Choreography: How to Make Your First Dance Unforgettable


    Searching for First Wedding Choreographers in Mississauga?

    Hire Professional First Wedding Dance Choreographers for non – dancers for Your Big Day!

    Want to make sure your wedding dance is unforgettable?

    Our professional Wedding Choreographers can help you create the perfect dance for your big day.

    Book now and make your wedding truly special!


    Looking for inspiration for your First Dance?

    1. First Wedding dance classes for Bride and Groom

    2. Wedding dance lesson for Mother and Son

    3. Wedding dance classes for Parents

    4. Wedding dance lesson for Couple

    5. Wedding dance lesson for Brother

    6. Wedding dance classes for Sister

    Our expert wedding dance instructors has all the latest wedding dance trends, from new styles to popular songs.

    Make your first dance memorable with our first dance lessons for weddings.

    Learn the basics of dancing and create a lasting memory for your special day. 

    Book now and impress your guests with your moves.

    Our expert group wedding dance classes will help you and your friends and family learn the perfect dance for your big day.


    What are Good First Dance Songs in Hindi?

    If you are not able to decide the Top Indian Wedding Bollywood First Dance Songs then here are few options:

    1. Dheere Dheere Se – Aashiqui
    2. Moh Moh Ke Dhaage
    3. Tum Hi Ho – Aashiqui 2
    4. Enna Sona
    5. Tera Saath Hai Kitna
    6. Ae Kash Ke Hum
    7. Tujhe Dekha Toh
    8. Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna
    9. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
    10. Tum Hi Ho – Aashiqui 2


    5 Star* Feedback for Choreography

    Google Review - I am using Mamta to do choreography for my wedding in November and I can say that it was one of the best decisions I made. No one in my family knows anything about dance, so we needed a lot of help to compete with the brides side. Mamta is very good in assessing the dance capacity of a person and adjust the choreography accordingly. She is also very patient and encouraging when teaching, definitely recommend choosing her!

    Google Review - Mamta is really passionate and a great teacher! We took only 1 lesson with her 2 weeks before our wedding and after an hour and a half, we were super confident! Both of us have no dance experience. Definetly recommend!

    Google Review - What an amazing idea and highly interactive! We loved her service and energy. She had all the guests up and on the dancefloor. I would highly recommend this as wedding entertainment. Thank you Mamta.

    Google Review -Me, my sisters and aunt needed a dance choreographed for my uncles wedding and Mamta absolutely killed it. Just her ways of teaching and making dance moves on the spot was amazing. My aunt was a beginner but Mamta slowly taught her and coordinated her with us. If you’re looking for a dance choreography Mamta is the one for you!!

    Facebook Review - Me, my sisters and aunt needed a dance choreographed for my uncles wedding and Mamta absolutely killed it. Just her ways of teaching and making dance moves on the spot was amazing. My aunt was a beginner but Mamta slowly taught her and coordinated her with us. If you’re looking for a dance choreography Mamta is the one for you!!

    WhatsApp Review - Mamta led the choreography at my sister’s Sangeet ceremony. She electrified the whole event. Every single person present at the occasion joined the dance numbers and thoroughly enjoyed. It was an unforgettable experience for us and everyone present.

    When Should We Do Our First Dance? When Does First Dance Happen?

    Traditionally, the first dance takes place after the meal and before the cutting of the cake.

    However, there are several benefits to doing it earlier or later in the evening.

    If you opt for an early first dance, for instance, right after the ceremony, your guests will still be fresh, and the energy level will be high.

    This is an excellent way to kick off the festivities and get everyone in the party mood.

    On the other hand, doing the first dance later in the evening can be equally impactful.

    By this time, your guests will have relaxed and had a few drinks, which means the dance floor will be busier.

    This creates a lively atmosphere and helps get the party started.

    What to Expect from First Dance Lessons?

    When you call us for first dance lessons for weddings, you can expect to learn the basics of dancing.

    Your instructor will guide you through different Bollywood songs and teach you the steps and techniques to move gracefully on the dance floor.

    You will also learn how to lead or follow, depending on your role in the dance, and how to coordinate your movements with your partner.


    Tips to Make Your First Dance Memorable

    Your first dance is a moment to cherish forever. Here are some tips to make your first dance memorable:

    • Practice, Practice, Practice: The more you practice, the more confident you will feel on the dance floor.
    • Keep it Simple: Don’t try to do too much in your first dance. Focus on the basics and enjoy the moment.
    • Engage with Your Partner: Look into each other’s eyes and engage with your partner on the dance floor.
    • Smile: Don’t forget to smile and enjoy the moment. Your guests will love to see you happy and in love.


    Featured Review


    Raj Sarkar

    Enjoyable dance workout with a group of lovely people.

    Mamta promises a dance workshop of high energy Bollywood dance moves with teaching you move & groove to latest music.


    Swarna Bakshi Saini

    Dance as if noone is watching you…

    That’s what happens at Mamta’s class. You get such positive energy and feeling that you start grooving.

    Mamta exactly knows how to make you feel comfortable.

    She is child with a child and adult with an adult.

    Easy but elegant moves is what Celebration Dance Company teaches you.

    Whether it is a wedding, party or you just feel to relax go and dance with Mamta.. highly recommended.



    Iqbal Zohaib

    I am using Mamta to do choreography for my wedding in November and I can say that it was one of the best decisions I made.

    No one in my family knows anything about dance, so we needed a lot of help to compete with the brides side.

    Mamta is very good in assessing the dance capacity of a person and adjust the choreography accordingly.

    She is also very patient and encouraging when teaching, definitely recommend choosing her!


    Perfect for Beginners

    We are very lucky to have prepared not dozens, but hundreds of couples for their First Dance!

    All of them had their worries and uncertainties in the beginning, but all that always vanished after the first class.

    The first dance as a married couple is one of the most special moments of your wedding day.

    It is the moment when you take center stage as a couple and dance to your favorite song.

    However, not everyone is a natural dancer, and it can be nerve-wracking to dance in front of your guests.

    This is where first dance lessons for weddings can help.

    By taking first dance lessons for weddings, you can learn the basics of dancing and feel confident on the dance floor.


    Feeling nervous about your first dance?

    We have perfect ideas on how to create a beautiful and unique first dance choreography that will wow your guests and leave them talking about it for years to come.


    Videos & Photos


    Specializing in first dance choreography as well as couples dancing, this service is tailored specifically for weddings.

    Tailored dance lessons to make you feel comfortable & confident on the dance floor.

    Whether you are looking for a bit of help with the basic steps or want to go all out with the Ultimate Wedding Experience, packages start at just $20.


    If you’re looking for ideas on what to do for your first dance as a couple, there are several steps you can take to make it unforgettable:

      1. Choose the Right Song

    The first step in preparing for a first wedding dance is to choose the right song.

    The song should be one that both the bride and groom enjoy and can dance to. It is also important to choose a song that reflects the couple’s personality and style.

    For instance, if the couple prefers a more traditional wedding, a classic love ballad may be appropriate. Alternatively, if the couple is more modern, a contemporary song may be a better fit.

      2. Take Dance Lessons

    Once the couple has chosen their song, the next step is to take dance lessons.

    Even if the couple has some experience with dancing, it is still a good idea to take lessons to refine their skills and develop a routine.

    Couples should consider taking lessons from a professional dance instructor who specializes in wedding dances.

    This will ensure that they receive the proper instruction and guidance needed to create a memorable dance routine.

      3. Practice, Practice, Practice

    After the couple has taken dance lessons, the next step is to practice, practice, practice.

    It is important for couples to set aside time each day to practice their routine. This will help them to become more comfortable with the dance and build their confidence.

    It is also a good idea to practice in front of a mirror or record themselves to make sure their movements are fluid and natural.

      4. Choose the Right Attire

    In addition to choosing the right song and practicing their routine, couples should also choose the right attire for their first wedding dance.

    The bride should choose a dress that is comfortable and allows her to move freely.

    The groom should choose a suit or tuxedo that fits well and allows him to move without restriction.

    It is also important to consider the shoes that will be worn during the dance. Comfortable shoes with good traction are essential to prevent slips and falls.

    ABOUT the TRAINERMamta Singh. Head wedding dance choreographer in Celebration Dance Company Mississauga

    An energetic, physically fit and confident Dance teacher.

    During her career she has taught in private dance schools, colleges and adult education center, added to this she has experience of teaching Bollywood dance.

    All out dance instructors are experienced, qualified, trained and motivated to fulfill your dance lessons with joy, excitement & unforgettable moments!

    Location: 7085 Gablehurst Crescent, Mississauga, ON L5W 1E7

    Timings: Sunday to Monday: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm

    Contact: +1 6479708772


    With instructors trained in bringing smiles to your faces, they bring you packages that are pocket-friendly!

    This Bollywood dance choreography team has all the dances in a way that it becomes easy to learn the simple couple dance steps for wedding and perform them with poise, grace and elegance.

    She adds his magical effect to the performances by using the lights, animation and other visual effects.

    All the brides-to-be get ready to dance on his beats and make your first dance choreography worthful.

    Click on the individual First Dance Choreography listing for more information and full contact details.


    Headed by Mamta, she has performed and choreographed for various wedding and social events in Mississauga.

    They are known for making your lessons for wedding first dance filled with a spirit of dance.

    Their team makes sure that they make it easy for you and your family members to learn the basic romantic choreographed first dance moves.

    Regular practices with the team of talented choreographers are sure to make your Wedding First Dance session a big hit.

    What more the bride and groom can ask for when all the family members want to surprise their beloved couple with a dance routine.

    Folks at Mississauga Dance Academy understand the importance of looking amazing and well-coordinated on stage and that is why they take up all efforts patiently to train you for the biggest night of the wedding couple.


    Services Offered

    The team offers everything from a quick Bollywood number to a graceful couple’s waltz. They specialise in :

    • Sangeet choreography
    • Ist Wedding Choreography
    • Couple Dances
    • Anniversary choreography
    • Birthday choreography
    • Cocktail party choreography
    • Corporate event choreography
    • School event choreography
    • Convenient locations near you

    Having more than 5 years of experience in this field they are a team of professional first wedding dance choreographer who put their heart out and teach dance to all the lovely couples and its families.

    From fresh easy steps to grooving on some latest songs they believe that dance is all about fun and creating happiness.

    Ensuring that your first wedding dance is an unforgettable and most memorable thing ever they also gives regular practices, rehearsals, etc. before the final event.

    Your wedding day is one the most memorable days of your life and one of the hottest new fads trending today is for the couple or the entire wedding party to perform a choreographed dance.

    Sometimes it’s just the couple performing, but more often the whole wedding party is involved in making it a full-blown production that is likely to be remembered for a long time.

    Celebration Dance School Mississauga offers various concepts to make the wedding even more memorable.

    They are a passionate team that loves to give every client happy feet and a rejoicing heart with the content and quality of their work. Be sure to give them the privilege of choreographing the wedding first dance lessons for your special occasion.

    She believes in spreading happiness by teaching to the couple as well as their families. Ensuring that your first dance wedding song performance goes well, she regularly gives rehearsals and practices.


    Mamta ensures that he makes the day memorable by providing services ranging from couple dance, solo dance, group dance etc.

    They choreograph all sort of performances bride and groom entries, family performances and much more. Their clients describe her as an understanding and flexible choreographer, an experienced choreographer.

    If you are looking for someone to make your performances memorable contact them.

    Celebration Dance Company (CDC) prides itself on providing families with high-quality dance education and training in a nurturing and encouraging environment.

    They cater to all the wedding functions for their clients. Based out of Mississauga, Ontario they are even willing to provide their services outside of city.

    When it comes to your wedding, the first dance is a special moment that you’ll always remember.

    That’s why it’s important to choose the right song and prepare with some first dance moves that will make you and your partner look great on the dance floor.

    Other services include regular training classes for learning Bollywood style Fitness-Slimming class on skype for the convenience of the dancing students all over the Canada.

    The techniques, friendly nature and patience make them quite famous among their clients.

    Match steps with the wonderful performers and choreographers from Mississauga Dance Academy to sort your Sangeet and first dance wedding dance moves choreos!

    Remember to take your time, practice your routine, and have fun with your performance.

    Your first dance is a moment that you will remember for the rest of your life, so make it unforgettable.

    From latkas and jhatkas, classic Bollywood moves to lyrical renditions of theme based stories, make every one part of your dancing crew to form a total family experience!

    Make Your First Wedding Dance More Special. Be it slow dancing to romantic songs or really burning up the dance floor with peppy numbers, get the act synchronised with the dancers at CDA to make your choreographed wedding dance lessons a truly exhilarating one.

    They are flexible enough to let families add and change the elements accordingly. Repeat practices and rehearsals are carried out to ensure a memorable and enjoyable event.

    While working on their exclusive and defining concepts, they also make sure to teach the do’s and don’ts of choreographing your first dance.

    The creation of theme, choice of songs and script are worked well on creatively and effectively. Your Space provides all-around choreography services.

    Celebration Dance Company Mississauga is a unique dance company that makes dancing highly enjoyable, easy and fun to learn. Headed by Mamta she has performed and choreographed for various wedding and social events.

    They are known for making your wedding filled with a spirit of dance. Their team makes sure that they make it easy for you and your family members to learn the basic dance moves.

    Regular practices with the team of talented choreographers are sure to make your first wedding dance choreographer a big hit.

    From fresh easy steps to grooving on some latest songs she believes that dance is all about fun and creating happiness.

    Ensuring that your first wedding dance is an unforgettable and most memorable thing ever she also gives regular practices, rehearsals, etc. before the final event. She offers a two days trail.

    Be it a desi thumka or a contemporary dance, she puts her heart and soul and customizes her service according to the needs of the couples and family members.

    Dance to the tunes of evergreen wedding songs or the numbers which are near and dear to your heart.

    The team at Mississauga Dance Academy make the wedding celebrations about you and your significant other by helping you learn intricate wedding choreography in a limited amount of time.

    Indian Wedding is a gala event which mesmerizes one and all because of the sheer excitement & celebrations associated with it. From Swirls to Thumkas, from Bollywood to Bhangra, you name it, they have it.

    Practice makes perfect! Follow our tips for practicing your First Wedding Dance Choreography and feel confident on your big day.

    Mississauga Dance Academy is a one stop shop for first wedding dance choreographer, concepts and entertainment.

    With the infectious enthusiasm of our Instructors, they prepare magnificent choreography for solo dance, Group Dance, Duets and thematic acts.

    They add a lot of grace, style, interest and fun in every choreography which gives a new life to your wedding function.

    They know that music and dancing is the essence of Indian weddings and they fill that space excellently through their choreographed songs.

    Having about 5 years of experience, they offer you exciting services to create stunning, magnificent, energetic performances and events for your most important occasion.

    The services offered are for the entire wedding party and they will be personalized to accommodate your ideas and time schedule.

    Their wedding services for clients in the past have earned them the reputed name as one of the best wedding choreographers in the city who exceed the expectations of the clients by a large margin – which is always a good and promising sign.

    They ensure to cater to client requests and desires well within the stipulated budget constraints of their various clients which has been proven in the past.

    Celebration Dance School Mississauga offers remarkable choreography services for all types of events ensuring everybody has a wonderful time.

    Be it a Bollywood dance performance or a contemporary one, they provide regular practices and rehearsals making you perfect for the final day.

    Offering affordable and customisable packages, they are a reliable team of dancers to make your wedding celebrations full of frolic and fun.

    Celebration Dance Classes is famous dance choreographers brand located in Mississauga. They personally prepare their customers as per their requirements for an event.

    They understand and analyse the requirements for the performance and set up the acts for the families, bride & groom, Kids, and everyone.

    Their aim is to make your Sangeet/ First wedding dance the most happening, beautiful and memorable day of your life and memorable for the Baraatis too.

    With the hope of spreading happiness at your wedding, they are ready to make your wedding memorable. The team is an expert and enthusiast in the field of dance and choreography.

    They love what they do as a team and will go distances to keep their clients happy and effectively trained for the occasion.

    Be sure to give them the privilege of choreographing the first wedding dance for your special occasion if you have a good feeling about them.

    Whether it’s a traditional dance performance or a romantic couple dance, they specialize in all of it.

    These ceremonies are the starting point of a new life that it is the making and therefore end up becoming a joyous occasion on which families unite to dance away in a fervour of exuberating happiness.

    We have been training people to dance better and be a confident and entertaining performer at their special events.

    They have a team that is well versed with various trends and styles that are prevailing in the industry and work with full force to exhibit this in your dance performance.

    The team is very talented and can train all the people to shake a leg on any kind of song they want so that you can have a night full of dance and fun on your special day.

    Celebration Dance Classes is a bespoke choreography company specializing in concept first wedding dance choreography.

    Based in Mississauga, they’re a team of fabulous dancers who are experts in an array of dance forms.


    They’re one of the leading choreographers in Mississauga but distance has never been a barrier for their team as they cover destination weddings all over the nation.

    They also make sure the choreography shows the chemistry between the couple and love between the families.

    Be it a desi thumka or a themed dance, CDA puts their heart and soul and customizes the service according to the needs of the couples and family members 

    Mississauga Dance Academy offers its service in first wedding dance choreography. The main dance instructor, Mamta is a professional dancer who specializes in choreography of all types.

    She is well known for his unique and easy steps. She organizes and plans everything so efficiently, so as to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

    The dance moves and steps taught by her are sure to mesmerize all the people. We are professional wedding choreographers with over a decade of experience.

    Based in Mississauga this amazing team will make sure that your big day will be remembered for years to come.

    Along with choreography they also provide props, assistance with conceptualization, and assistance with song selection and also cater to customized requirements.

    Lighten and brighten up your first wedding dance with dance routines a team of talented and passionate dancers who ensure that every dance performance is perfect.

    Mississauga Dance Academy is a one-stop-shop for your first dance lesson and make everyone dance and spread happiness.

    They ensure that your family and friends have the best time of their lives while shaking a leg at your wedding.

    They teach tricky steps in the easiest way possible and make even non-dancers dance like a pro. In addition, they can also provide backup dancers for your first wedding dance.

    Mississauga Dance Academy are a great way to make the D-Day even more special.

    It may sound extravagant, but the music and dancing have now become an integral part of the Indian wedding ceremony and the celebrations are incomplete without the same.

    It’s time to get the party started!

    Forget your worries, drop all your other plans and come dance with Mamta today!

    They work with zeal and enthusiasm and their entire focus is on their clients’ preferences and requirements.

    They are well-versed with different dancing styles making sure you get exactly what you need. Working with passion and patience, they make the whole process easy for everybody and focus on providing the best outcomes.

    Their style, techniques and dedication towards dance is remarkable. Offering different styles such as western, Bollywood they are trained and experienced in their field.

    They provide the ultimate guidance, practices and rehearsals making sure you dance your way to any occasion with perfection.

    From the desi Bollywood steps to modern and contemporary forms, they do it all.

    Ensuring that your first wedding dance performance goes well, she regularly gives rehearsals and practices.

    She provides professional choreographers all over India who are trained to give the most effective and innovative dance performances for all your special occasions. 

    They make the most difficult looking steps easy to learn and they make dancing fun. For them, dancing is not just a job but a passion which they follow diligently.

    You can avail their services for your wedding and rock your celebration to another level. Contact them today to know more about their services. 



    In conclusion, preparing for a first wedding dance can be a daunting task, but with the right preparation and practice, it can be a memorable and enjoyable experience.

    Couples should choose the right song, take dance lessons, practice their routine, and choose the right attire to ensure that their first dance is a success.

    With these tips in mind, couples can create a beautiful and memorable moment that they will cherish for years to come.


    How To Reach Us

    Located at Mavis and Derry intersection. Close to highway 401 Mavis exit.

    At the border of Mississauga and Brampton. Located at Meadowvale Village.

    Close to Intersection of Argentia and Erin Mill.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

    Question 1:

    How do I get started?

    The intro lesson is how our students get started on the right foot. 

    We’ll go over the fundamentals of dance, introduce you to a couple of different styles, and get you comfortable with dancing.


    Question 2:

    How do your class fees work?

    Our dance classes are charged per sessions. Feel free to call us and know our full pricing structure. 


    Question 3:

    Is there an age limit or range?

    Dancing is a natural and ageless form of expression. Although dance has no age restrictions, our studios our catered primarily towards adults looking to learn something new and have fun doing it.


    Question 4:

    I’m a complete beginner adult dancer, can I still join the classes?

    Of course, you can still join.

    That’s why we are here — to teach you. We change the classes and choreography taking into consideration everyone’s abilities. Classes are a lot of fun and will be challenging to dancers of all abilities.


    Question 5:

    What should I wear for class?

    Dancing is about movement and enjoyment. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to be flexible and relaxed.

    You can wear anything you want for your first lesson. Afterwards, we will recommend something based on the style and direction you choose.

    Please avoid stilettos or shoes with sharp heels as those are not comfortable to dance in, and they may damage our floor.


    Question 6:

    Do I need dance shoes?

    Dance shoes are recommended but not required. However, in order to be able to move comfortably across the floor, we advise that you do not wear rubber-soled shoes.

    Sharp heels or shoes with metal bottoms are strongly discouraged because they can damage the floor or cause injury.


    Question 7:

    I’m a teenager, but I’ve never danced before. Can I join the dance classes?

    No, you don’t need any dance experience to take first dance lessons for weddings. The lessons are designed for beginners.


    Question 8:

    Can I try out a class before joining?

    You are welcome to come to join in a class before registering. From there you will quickly realize if the dance classes are a good fit for you.


    Question 9:

    How many lessons do we need to take to learn the basics of dancing?

    The number of lessons you need depends on your dancing skills and the dance style you have chosen.

    Your first dance instructor can advise you on the number of lessons you need.


    Question 10:

    What are the differences between group classes, private lessons and parties?

    Group classes are perfect to learn fundamental elements, patterns, rhythms, and moves. We also offer supplemental group fitness and condition classes.

    Private lessons are completely customized to your needs, pace, ability, and schedule. Since we make a personalized program for each student, this is the most thorough learning process and guarantees fastest results.

    Our social parties are ideal settings to practice your newfound skills. We have an amazing community of teachers and students that support each other and grow together.

    In addition, we also have special events such as showcases and competitions where you can take your dancing skill to the next level.


    Question 11:

    What is your cancellation policy?

    We make every effort to accommodate the schedules of our students. We also work hard to retain the best teachers in the industry. In order to protect the time of our teachers, we have a 24-hour cancellation policy, so please let us know in advance of cancellations to avoid being charged.


    Question 12:

    What is the average price for wedding choreographers?

    Like any other wedding service these days, you will find a wide range of prices for wedding dance choreographers as well.

    The charges depend on several factors – the number of dancing members, number of songs you want to dance on, the length of the full dance performance, if any extra dancers are required or not, costumes and other supporting services. So it is advisable to get it all clear with your dance choreographer before booking.


    Question 13:

    Can we choose our own song for our first dance?

    Yes, you can choose your own song for your first dance. Your first dance instructor can help you choreograph a dance that complements the music.

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